The Foundation is a membership organization, meaning that our members come together each year at our annual meaning and elect new members of the Board of Trustees, hear about the work of the Foundation in the past year, and stand ready to take action on by-laws or other key issues for the organization.

We rely on our members to further our work.

Please click here for a list of current members of the foundation.

Benefits of Membership

  • Receive updates on the Foundation’s activities through newsletters and other communications
  • An invitation to our annual meeting and special events
  • A copy of our annual report
  • Voting rights; members are asked to approve new Trustees of the Foundation and any other key transitions
  • The knowledge that you are part of a local effort to meet your neighbor’s health care needs.

What You Can Do As a Member

  • Attend the annual meeting and special events whenever possible
  • Be an ambassador for the Foundation, spreading the word of the Foundation’s work as well as of opportunities for community members to access the Foundation’s resources and activities
  • Consider volunteering time to support the Foundation, working on a special project, a committee, or on the Board of Trustees.

To become a member, contact our office at 802-457-4188 or send us an email.